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Proudly Serving the BC Peace

Meet Stan...


…a local  who grew up on a small farm in Baldonnel, BC raising Black Angus cattle. Aside from knowing how to take beef from the field to a plate, he is also an avid hunter and fisherman. His excitement for meat cutting started on the family farm and under the guidance of Terry Howatt. Stan apprenticed under Terry for several years, learning the foundation of the meat cutting trade before attending Thompson River University for their Retail Meat Cutting Program.


After University, Stan opened shop for a few customers during the hunting season of 2016. By the fall of 2017, it became obvious that a full-time meat shop was in high demand. Expansion took place in August 2018, tripling the shop’s cooler space as well as the purchase of reliable, industrial sized equipment. In the fall of 2021 Stan's Custom Meat Cutting moved location from a "make-do" shop in Baldonnel to an expanded facility in Charlie Lake. With an improvement in freezer capacity and overall seamless flow, he anticipates that the business will grow and be able to meet the needs of many more locals over the coming years.


Stan has a vision for the meat shop to provide quality customer service, and retail products to local farmers and hunters, as well as out of town hunters who come to the Peace Region to fill their tags.

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