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Custom Cutting Services

We Offer


  • Fresh Cutting & Wrapping for Domestic Livestock and Wild Game.

  • Fresh Sausage

  • Smoked Products






Note: Custom Services are for clients providing their own meat. This isn't you? Check out our Retail Products!


*Must call before dropping off. 
All Domestic must be pre-booked.

Domestic Cut & Wrap

Bison, Beef, Pork

$1.25/lb RW

Includes hanging, all fresh custom cutting and wrapping.

$1.10/lb RW (Burger only animals)

Animal MUST be slaughtered: head and guts removed.

*minimum charge applied to carcasses less than 160 lbs RW

T-bone Steak.jpg

AAA Grade Beef: T-bone Steak

Minimum Charge

$250/carcass Wild Game >166 lbs RW

$200/carcass Domestic >160 lbs RW

$110/single Lamb or Goat 

$95/each multiple Lambs or Goats


First meat grinder, before the industrial mixer grinder

Wild Game Cut & Wrap

Moose, Elk, Caribou, Bear, Bison, White Tailed & Mule Deer, Sheep, Goat

$1.50/lb RW

Includes hanging, all fresh custom cutting and wrapping.

*We reserve the right to refuse 'unfit' carcasses.

**Hunting license and tags must accompany animal.

A's Elk.jpg

Amanda's First Elk

Extra Fees


Splitting Fee:

$25/Small   $40/Large 

Skinning Fee:

$50/Small   $100/Large

    Wild Game

Skinning Fee:

$75/Small   $125/Large

$30 Per Day (Just Hanging)

$50 Call Out Fee (After Hours)

BOX FEE: $3.00 per box (determined upon completion of order)


Pig hide, from shop skinning servies.

Value Added Prices

Prices based on initial wet weight

Fresh Sausage

*Minimum 25 lb per flavor


Classic Beef


Hot Italian

Mild Italian

Diablo (extra hot Italian)


$4.00/lb  Breakfast Sausage(min 25 lb per flavor)


Silver Creek Special

Maple (Certified Gluten Free)

Hamburger Patties


Smoked Products

*Minimum 25 lb per flavor


$5.00/lb Classic

$6.25/lb Cheddar (Hi-Temp)

$6.75/lb Jalapeno Cheddar

$5.00/lb Smoked Chorizo 

$5.00/lb Farmer Sausage

$5.00/lb Summer Sausage

$4.00/lb Mennonite Sausage (cold smoked)

$4.50/lb Bacon & Ham

Jerky & Pepperoni

*Minimum 25 lb per flavor

$ 5.00/lb Pepperoni



$5.50/lb Honey Garlic

$5.00/lb Pressed Jerky

$7.00/lb Whole Muscle Jerky

Teriyaki Maple

Honey Garlic

Cracked Pepper

Hot & Spicy

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