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Our Story

We initially met when we were just two young elementary kids. Fast forward twelve years, we were married and our journey together began. Fresh out of college and newly married, we worked on the family farm in Baldonnel raising Black Angus cattle. During the summer of 2017, it became apparent that full-time farming wasn't meant to be the direction for our lives. At this point, the meat shop was mainly just an idea, a part-time endeavor to supplement income made on the farm.

In the fall of 2017, we realized the huge demand for custom meat cutting in the BC Peace Region. There was never a dull moment during that first hunting season, as the cooler was rarely empty. We struggled with limited cooler space, as well as relying on simple chest and upright freezers to freeze products prior to pickup. Due to a lack of holding capacity, we depended on our customers for prompt pickup to clear out freezer space, allowing us to continue cutting each day.

Throughout the winter of 2017-2018, we began looking at different options to expand the shop to meet the growing demand in our community. Left at the mercy of the banks, it took many failed attempts to secure financing to purchase industrial sized equipment necessary to begin full time operations. Our cooler size tripled, while the existing cooler room became our new walk-in flash freezer. As the fall of 2018 approached, Amanda stepped out of the shop to take care of administration and bookkeeping, while our first employee joined the team to take her place at the cutting table.


With a dream of having the meat shop on our own property, we purchased our first home in 2020. The spring of 2021 left us scrambling to secure finances for yet another expansion. Stan went to the drawing board to design a meat shop that would maintain the best flow. The existing shop was on the small side for what we envisioned for the business, so we built on an additional 432 square feet. After long days of being back and forth from the cutting table to the renovation project, we finally moved in on September 24th, 2021. Stan has always valued relationships with customers, and has set up a coffee bar so he can chat with customers while he continues to work. Stop by for a cup of coffee and homemade cookies!

Despite the fact that this business venture hasn't been easy, we are beyond thankful to the friends and family who have encouraged us along the way. Our beginnings were humble, like most entrepreneurs, and there have been many lessons learned. Today, thanks to the support of our great community and many valued customers, our doors are open year-round! The journey is far from over, and we are excited for what the future has in store for us and our business. We will strive to do our best to continue to provide quality meat cutting services here in the BC Peace Region!


We praise God for how He has faithfully provided work when times have been tough, and for the support from our loving family and friends. We truly appreciate each and every one!

God Bless,

Stanley and Amanda Troyer

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