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Retail Products

We take great pride in providing high quality retail products. Unlike many products found at other retail outlets, our products do not contain any fillers.  By cutting out wheat, we can add far less water, resulting in a nicer product and less shrinkage while cooking! Our inhouse spicing has also allowed us to produce higher quality products, as well as allowing us to cater to the individual needs of our customers when neccesary!  



All products may not be in stock, call to see what is available.

$17.50/coil: Mennonite Sausage (~2 lbs)

               *Can be found at Dunvegan FSJ

$20/pkg:     Breakfast Sausage

$25/small:   Ham (3 lb)

$30/large:   Ham (4-5 lb)

$20/pkg:     Regular Bacon

Bulk Pork (Order Only)

$3.75/lb RW: Whole pig, or 1/2

-Includes fresh Custom Cutting and Wrapping

-Supplement value added products

*Roughly 50% deposits are required to order bulk.


Bulk Beef (Order Only)

*Please note that prices are fluctuating frequently, and may be subject to change.

$6.69/lb RW: Sold by mixed 1/4's,

   full sides, or whole.

-Includes fresh Custom Cutting & Wrapping.

-Supplement with value added products


*Roughly 50% deposits are required to order bulk.

Bulk Retail Product Orders

*All value added product prices are based on initial wet weight, not finished product weight.

(Please call for an estimate for current bulk prices)

$6.50/lb:   Ground Beef (25 lb min)

$3.50/lb:   Ground Pork (25 lb min)

$7.50/lb:  Fresh Sausage (25 lb minimum/flavor)

-Classic Beef

-Mild Italian

-Hot Italian



 Smokies (25 lb min./flavor)

$8.50/lb   -   Classic

$9.50/lb   -   Cheddar

$10.50/lb -   Jalapeno Cheddar 

$8.50/lb   Beef Jerky (25 lb min./flavor)

-Teriyaki Maple

-Honey Garlic

-Cracked Pepper

-Hot & Spicy

$8.50/lb  Pepperoni (25 lb min./flavor)


-Honey Garlic


*All products are considered Gluten Friendly.

Certified Gluten Free options available upon request.

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